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Water Damage Team

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Water Damage Team

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Water Damage Clean-Up – The First Steps to Take Featured

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When you have a water problem, such as flooding from a broken pipe, the quicker you take the proper steps, the better your chances of preserving your home and belonging. Water damage clean-up and restoration is best handled by professionals, because the water may have contaminants or micro-organisms which can cause health problems. Time is a major factor, because mold can start to grow very quickly where water has been in your home. Here are some steps you can take to help avert disaster when you have a flooding problem.


First, access the source of the excess water. Knowing the source of the water allows you to find a way to stop the influx of water hopefully, like when a pipe is leaking or broken. When a pipe is at fault, turning off the water supply to the house can help reduce the amount of overall damage. If you cannot stop the water, such as in natural flooding from a river or a rainstorm, you will at least know if the water is clean or contaminated. This is good information to have when you contact your water damage clean-up specialist. Highly contaminated water will need to be handled with special equipment and protective gear.


Second, make sure you turn off the electricity. You do not want the problems of water damage to grow tragic through mixing electricity and water. It is also a good idea to keep children and pets away from the flooded area for their safety.


Third, the highest priority is drying out the area. Once you stop the inflow of water, it is important to ventilate the flooded area. Get the water out of the house and get fans running and windows open, so everything will dry out as quickly as possible. It is also important to call in the professionals now too. Within hours, mold and fungi begin to form in your home. Preventing mold-related health problems may be as simple as calling in the water damage clean-up team a few hours earlier.


Fourth, take a look at what the water affected. Furniture with padding, carpets, and other textiles will hold the water longer than hard surfaces, increasing the chance of mold growth. Restoration specialists in water damage can save many items if called in soon enough. Water damage clean-up can be a big job, in order to prevent illnesses and ensure the structure is still sound. Professionals can help guide you through the process and relieve the stress that comes with flooding.






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