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Tuesday, 15 October 2013 19:52

Sump Pump Backup

Sump Pump Backup – Is a Sump Pump Backup Necessary?

As a homeowner, nothing is more frustrating, heartbreaking, and time consuming than dealing with a flooded room. Having to clean a flooded room may prove futile depending on the amount of damage caused by the flooding. Owning a sump pump can save homeowners the time and money needed to clean up flood damage. Unfortunately, storms are often the cause of flooded homes and severe enough storms can knock out electricity. What insurance and protection does a sump pump operated by electrical power provide to an owner if the power goes out? Fortunately, a sump pump backup can add additional security.

Homeowners have different sump pump backup choices. There are water driven pumps and battery operated pumps. A water driven pump is the most common backup system among homeowners, particularly those living in urban areas. These pumps are connected to the main water supply so the water that flows through the main provides power to the system. Once powered, it creates a suction effect, allowing the pump to draw water through the system to prevent flooding from occurring in a home. Of course, the water driven pump may not be suitable for cities that rely on power driven mains for water.

When water operated sump pump backup systems are not an option, homeowners can always choose a battery driven backup system. The battery driven system is great for all round purposes. However, it does pose problems such as the possibility of the 12v pump burning up or trying to operate the system when needed if the battery is flat. On the upside, battery driven pumps provide greater mobility than water driven pumps and since they are relatively easy to set up, they are a great money saving option for DIY enthusiasts. Water driven pumps tend to prove a more costly setup.

Both battery and water drive sump pump backup systems are great for multi-purpose use such as for commercial properties and everyday residential usage. Most importantly, they provide an added layer of insurance to homes in the event of flooding. For those who do not own a sump pump, water restoration and damage repair services provide backup systems to ensure the least amount of damage to the home. Thanks to the proper equipment, these services are capable of handling water damage restoration and repair in a timely fashion. It is particularly important to address water damage quickly to avoid significant repair.

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